Acrylic extension – Classroom Course

1 student

Acrylic Extension + Dry Manicure including kit.

To book your practical training date, complete online theory. We will provide you with the link to booking system to book your practical session. You can request a date for training if minimum 7 days notice is given to allocate you.

If you do not have qualification in manicure, you can still join this course as we cover dry manicure.

Would you like to start a career in Beauty Industry but you are not really sure where to start? Do you need qualifications in manicure before going for Acrylic training course? Maybe gel polish?  What about hard gel? Our training course will cover basic dry manicure and Acrylic extensions on the tips! What Do We Cover:

1 day Acrylic Extension (tips).

With Nail treatments becoming so popular, there are so many benefits to taking on this course!

  • Our Training is fully Accredited! You will gain recognised qualifications.
  • Accredited by ABT an CPD.
  • Theory is done online. It will help you prepare for practical training.
  • You can always go back as many times as you need to check all information and take your time while studying.
  • Fully certified online and classroom course will receive the same qualifications.
  • Enables you to obtain professional insurance.
  • Learn professional and safe application and removal
  • Mix of video tutorials and eBook learning
  • Study at your own pace, in your own environment, then attend your classroom practical session.

So how do I go about classroom courses and dates?

It’s easy! We’ve got few dates allocated for training courses, if you cannot find the date that suit you, you can request specific date ( weekend, week days, evenings). Please register and purchase training course and contact us – remember you must complete your theory online before attending classroom practical session. We strongly advise you to finish your online theory and then book dates in case you would have to reschedule as you did not finish your theory or even worst, not pass your online exam.

Your theory must be done online- it will take about 15-30h, your classroom course will focus on practical session. This is 1 day course it will take 4-5h (depending on the day). Is this enough time? Yes, once you learnt theory online and pass with minimum 80% your theory exam. Our practical classroom course time was reduced – due to COVID, we are trying to keep everyone safe and we moved part of the course ( theory ) online.

How do I receive certificate?

  1. Register or buy your training course you are interested in as a guest and create account later- check your email for details.
  2. Request dates or confirm your training attendance by email or whats app message, we will also send you booking system to book suitable dates for you.
  3. Complete your online theory and online theory exam – you have 3 chance to pass it.
  4. Attend your booked practical session.
  5. Complete your case studies and send her to our case study e-mail.
  6. Receive feedback for each of them to improve any mistakes.
  7. Receive your certificate.


Do I receive kit?

This classroom course will include basic kit.

  1. By purchasing any course you agree to t&c.
  2. Once purchased you are not entitled to refund.
  3. Once you register and purchase training you will receive immediately your access to online theory – just log in and click dashboard / courses.
  4. If you booked / requested date and you cancel or reschedule in less than 14 days notice – We will ask you for 50% fee to allocate new training course for you.
  5. If you do not attend your training course – you will need to purchase new course and book new date.
  6. In case of Local Lock downs due to corona virus we might move dates with less that 14 days notice to another suitable date or time  or provide live online class.


Can I progress to another level?

  • Yes, You will be able to do e-file training or sculpted Gel / Acrylic or soak off gel polish