facial waxing


Choose from two different training course options:

  • facial strip wax
  • facial hard wax

Both of these courses are fully accredited and covers similar areas but what it’s the difference?

Strip wax is suitable for every single customer, is easy to perform with very little products cost. You would need strip to remove honey like sticky wax from your customers face.

Hard wax is perfect if you are already qualified with waxing, is suitable for more sensitive skin or coarser hair.There’s no sticky residue afterwards and you do not need paper or fabric strips to remove wax- you just simply peel it off when dry.

Both courses are accredited and includes kit for you to take to home;.

Full face will be covered with each training.

  • bikini line – not Brazilian waxing.
  • underarms waxing
  • facial waxing like lips, eyebrows
  • we will talk you through chest waxing or leg wax if no models for this treatments


For more advanced facial waxing like nose or ears, please head to Hard wax – Facial Waxing option were we are focusing mainly on the face.

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Hard wax is perfect for your more sensitive customers. You might know this wax under the name off ‘peel off’ wax.

This course is suitable for beginners but we would recommend to start with strip wax ( warm wax) as this is a little bit more advanced.

Why pick this training course?

  • Fully Accredited and insurable.
  • Kit included.
  • We can help you find a model on the day.
  • Practical training on different body parts.
  • Finance option available – pick the course and pay with PAY LATER optipn.

Additional information

Courses available:

Facial Waxing -hard wax classroom, Facial Waxing – strip wax classroom, Both courses classroom, ONLINE facial strip waxing, ONLINE hard wax facial waxing

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