Lip micropigmentation -lip contour and blush


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Learn with us this amazing lip blush technique. Lip permanent makeup can last up to 5 years with regular colour boost every 2-3 years it will help your customers to restore missing pigment on natural lips due to lip filler or age. It will allow you to create bespoken lip micropigmentation known as lip permanent makeup or lip tattoo in Plymouth.

With our 1 day training course you will learn how to create lip contour and blush, full colour lips with 1 point needle.

If you think 1 day is not enough for you, we can offer you 2 and 3 days training course with additional micropigmentation techniques. It will allow you to practice on more models and build up your portfolio.

NEED DIFFERENT DATE? Please message us we run this training few times a month but not all dates are displayed.

Booking fee is non refundable, please  make sure you can afford training course or use finance option. We need 3 weeks notice for this training if you would like to change a date.



Pay a small, non refundable booking fee / deposit today and the remaining balance is payable 14 days prior to your course.

 Lip micropigmentation courses

Our Beauty Academy in Plymouth is fully accredited by CPD and ABT to provide you with many amazing training courses. In this course, you will learn the techniques and art for the application of permanent cosmetic makeup to the lips. Lip permanent makeup can be administered as the lip liner defines the lips, or to add colour to the lips similar to lipstick.

With correct technique and application, permanent makeup for lips is able to correct asymmetries, define lip outline, reduce or enlarge lips slightly and overall give a more attractive appearance. Perfect for customers with lip filler or missing natural pigment – you can help to restore it in just 1.5h -2h.

 9.30am-5pm ( +/- )

Location- Plymouth

How many people is in the classroom? 1-2 people, we think small groups are much better as you get all attention needed from your tutor.

What Will I Learn?

Part of the theory is done online before attending classroom course.

– Introduction, Contraindications, Regulations, Professionalism & code of ethics, costs, insurance & memberships

– Pigment & Colour education, Mapping, Different Techniques

– Consultation, Work station and client’s preparation

– Blood borne virus manual, Health & Safety Law, Up to date regulations as of June 2020

– Where to Buy Products, The BEST Brand Recommendations

– PPE Regulations, Correct Waste Disposal

What Will I Gain? Upon completion of our training (Level 3) course, you will leave with a fully accredited and insurable qualification.

Case study- Yes, 3 x case study after your practical training.

Why Choose Us? – At our Academy, we have a beautiful open training space, and experienced educators who are all Level 3 Education trained on hand to offer you the best advice & support.

Not only do we offer support on your training course, but we offer ongoing support afterwards via email, social media & monthly newsletters.

– We are the longest standing, independent beauty and SPMU training academy in Plymouth established for several years now, to offer training in ALL aspects of beauty, skincare, nails, massages, microblading and SPMU, aesthetic!

– Finding the right Academy can be difficult, so don’t just take our word for it – head over to our review page to see what other people have to say about our courses in their reviews, we have trained hundreds of students near and far!


– Must be 18+

– Must supply own model (model must be 18+) at 2pm on second day – please let us know if you need model we can arrange you one if enough notice is given ( 14 days ).

– Suitable for beginners.


*Part of the theory is done online

* Professional training within a small class setting

* Step by step training manual

*Optional Kit or Training equipment provided on the day ( discount code for our partnered shop )

* Diploma certificate personally issued to you

* Fully insurable and accredited certification by CPD and ABT.

* Student able to obtain Public Liability Insurance

 Payment can be done via PayPal credit, Pretty Face Finance and Laybuy

This course covers only: lip liner and blush

Additional information

More dates available

June 24th 9.30am- 6pm

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